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Algirdas Klova was one of the first in Lithuania, who began to join Lithuanian folk with other music genres. In 1988 he composed the first composition "Let's play how we can, but all together" for folk group's instrumental group and rock group, which was performed in Vilnius with rock group "Antis" and "Ratilio" instrumental group. It was the first combination of folk and rock music in Lithuania.

Algirdas Klova plays Lithuanian flute skudučiai

"LAUMIŲ SAKMĖS" - join project of Algirdas Klova and Skirmantas Sasnauskas. For the first time it was performed in 1991 in Vilnius. Later it was recorded in Vilnius Recording Studio and published in 1994. In 1995 it was demonstrated in Germany. S.Sasnauskas jazz quartet and folk group "Vydraga" performed the composition. There were used Lithuanian folk songs, sutartinės, instrumental music, fragments from legends, birds voices, sorceries.

A.Klova and S.Sasnauskas project Laumių Sekmės

A.Klova and J.Rimša folk-jazz quartet started to play together in 1995. In their repertoire you can find Lithuanian folk songs, instrumental music, world's nations folk, author compositions, jazz standards. The famous "Strazdas" that participated in Eurovision was born here. In 2000 ALGIRDAS KLOVA QUINTET had already participated in the festivals in Lithuania and Latvia, prepared a join project with a master of percussion from Senegal - Pierre Kouyate. The performers: A.Klova - violin, folk instruments; Jūnė - vocal; A.Šlaustas - key instruments; V.Borkovskis - bass guitar; A.Kazakevičius - percussion.

ŽALIAKALNIO VILKAI - world music trio, began to play from 1995. Three composers play here - A.Klova, G.Kuprevičius, and M.Litvinskis. The group improvises under the Lithuanian and other nations' folk music, play their own composition based on folk music.

Žaliakalnio Vilkai - A.Klova, G.Kuprevičius, M.Litvinskis

A.Klova had prepared and performed with best Lithuanian jazz musicians some occasional projects from Lithuanian folk songs: "Apėjo saulutė" (1998); "Mėnuo saulužę vedė" (1998); "Lino kelias" ("Du liniuku") (2000) and others. He had participated in V.Chekasin projects. 

Algirdas Klova with Vladimir Chekasin

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