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Creative work of Algirdas Klova is very diverse, but the most important features, that unites his works are - improvisations, melody, and many folk elements. In 1984 - 1994 the composer turned to the direction of minimalism.

Algirdas Klova wrote many works of various genres. This is chamber music, vocal - solo and choir, symphonic music, the music for Lithuanian folk instruments and their groups, music for the theatre, cinema, radio and TV performances, movies, programs, entertainment music, compositions for children. Many works are recorded in the stocks of LRT, in cassettes, CD, had been published in collections and author publications. More important publications of music compositions: the cycle for the choir "Birzhu kratsho dainos" (The songs from the region Birzhai) (1991); the cycle for piano "Shokiu mokykla" (Dancing school) (1991); "Sheshios panos chiudriai shoka" (Six girls are dancing) - for little musicians; the cycles for children voices and authentically Lithuanian folk instruments: "Kaledu giesmes" (Christmas songs), "Velyku giesmes" (Easter songs) (1992); collection of songs for children "Vasaros paukshtis" (Summer bird) (1991); cantos "Marija, skaischiausia Marija" (1992); vocal cycle "Ryto vandens spalva" (The color of water in the morning) (1995). More information can be found on Music information centre server.

Algirdas Klova music sounds in Lithuania and foreign countries. His author concerts in Kaunas and Vilnius were organized in 1984, 1989, 1992, and 1996; in Varėna in 2000; in Riga (Latvia) in 1989; in Gotland and Stockholm (Sweden) in 1998.

Algirdas Klova at the piano
A.Klova was awarded for the musical compositions
- 1st theatrical (for the music for the play according to F.Vijon poetry, 1986);
- 1st choreographic (for the music of dance "Rolenderis", 1987);
- 1st J.Shvedas (for the compositions for the orchestra of folk instruments "Suarteti ir vėl ishiskirti", 1988);
- 2nd S.Shimkus (for the cycle for the mixed choir "Trys giesmes Marijai", 1992);
- 1st of choir competition in Australia (for the song for children choir "Tevyne", 1990);
- 3rd of J.Naujalis religious music competition (for holy cantos, 1994);
- 1st of choir competition of Worlds Lithuanians Songs festival (for "Sadauto kupole rozhe" for the mixed choir, 1998);
- Diploma in Nordic Baltic Choir Festival, Composition Contest, in Norway (for the cycle for the mixed choir "Garden of love", 2000).
Algirdas Klova in LTR sound recording studio
Most important musical compositions of Algirdas Klova:
Chamber music
"Sonata - concert for birbyne and phonogram" (1983); the Concert for the violin and orchestra (1983); "Ispudzhiai" - chamber symphony for the chamber orchestra (1984); "Viltis" - stringed quartet to father's remembrance (1986 - 1998); "Sheshiolika rugsejo dienu" (16 days of September) - the cycle for the piano (1994). 
Vocal music
"Toj zhvaigzhdele, rytmetele" - small cantata for one voice and chamber ensemble (1985 - 1998); "Ryto vandens spalva" - the cycle for the female voice and piano (Liudvikas Jakimavičius words) (1991).
Choir music
"Mishku zhaidimai" - an oratorio for the soprano, chamber choir, old music instruments' ensemble and dancers (1987); "Birzhu krashto dainos" (J. Janonis words) for the mixed choir (1990); "Trys giesmes Marijai" - for the mixed choir (1989 - 1992); "Sadauto kupole rozhe" - for the mixed choir (1993); "The Garden of Love" - the cycle for the mixed choir (W. Blake words) (1999);

Music for children
"Kaledu dainos" (1988); "Joniniu dainos" (1989); "Velyku dainos" (1989); "Liudno rudens dainos" - for children voices and authentically Lithuanian folk instruments (folk words) (1999); "Skaichiuotes" - for children choir (folk words) (1995).

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