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NEWS (Autumn of 2001)

Dear Friends,
The best country music group in Lithuania Country Blues Session Band and it's leader Algirdas Klova will celebrate the fifth anniversary of CBSB activity. The party will take place on 12th of December 2001 at the Muzikinis Angaras Jazz Club (Vilniaus 22).
Journalists and guests are kindly invited to register himself by e-mail klova@takas.lt, phone/fax 370 2 224424 or mobile phone 370 80 84399 until 5th of December.

On the 21st of November
Algirdas Klova will start a new series of Country Saloon parties at the Žaltvykslė Music Club. Every Thursday Algirdas Klova will present the latest Country news, records, videos, etc. The official members of the Country Saloon Club will receive special gifts and discounts.
Žaltvykslė address: 11/9 Pilies. Phone: 687173. Gates open 19:00.

Lithuanian representative of Newsweek & EuroBusiness. Country Saloon sponsor.

NEWS (Summer of 2001)

2001 03 18 - A. Klova was awarded two prizes during LCMA conference. "The Hall Of Fame" award was given for the 2nd prize won by A. Klova & CBSB at the Country Europe 99 Contest. "The Debt Prize" was given to A. Klova for the activity of the first Lithuanian country band Kikilis.

2001 04 02 - A. Klova presented his first instrumental solo album "Wanted" at the Alinava Saloon. The album features the most popular bluegrass and country standards performed by A. Klova on violin, flute and kazoo backed by the members of CBSB. The video for the song "Bill Cheatham" was filmed during the presentation.

2001 05 24-26 - A. Klova & CBSB took part in the Bluegrass Festival held by the EWOB (European World Of Bluegrass) in Worthuizen, Netherlands and performed at the Irish Pub in Hague.


2001 05 25 - A. Klova was nominated as EWOB representative for the Lithuania.

2001 06 05-11 - A. Klova and June toured Faroe Islands. They performed a program of Lithuanian folk songs at Faroe schools and concert halls. Together with the musicians from Denmark, Ireland and USA A. Klova and June played folk, pop, jazz & country in Faroe clubs and bars.

A. Klova & June @ Faroe Islands

2001 07 06-07 - A. Klova & CBSB participated Bauska Country and Ventspils Dziesma Jurai Festivals in Latvia.

A.Klova & U.Ozolins @ Bauska

2001 07 06 - During Bauska Country Festival A. Klova performed with famous New Nashville Country singer and guitarist George Hamillton V.

A.Klova with George Hamillton V

2001 07 27-28 - Algirdas Klova Folk-Jazz Quintet took part in the Planery Wielkich Jezior Festival in Mazury, Poland. One of the sets was hels on the boat at Wilkasy lake, another took place on the field lighted by fire torches.

A.Klova Folk-Jazz Quintet with Planery promoter

2001 08 18 - A. Klova & CBSB were Lithuanian headliners at the international Visaginas Country Festival.

A.Klova with P.Trijonis & B.McAthley @ Visaginas

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