To say that the name of the group came from one of the greatest maniacs of 20th century means to say nothing. Both of LOS CHIKATILOS musicians aren't neither aggressive nor sexually disoriented. But not does their sound. All these years of underground practice and living room recordings and badly PA'ed club gigs have done their thing.

Sky and Urri usually don't bother with multitrack sessions and continuous sound layering. All the stuff is being prepared in two samplers - Akai and Ensoniq, so the very act of recording happens when a DAT recorder is borrowed form one of the friends, and wires plugged, and Sky puts his hands on his fine old Korg DW-8000 keyboard. Why doesn't he play trumpet instead - he does it well at daytime job in local army pseudo-folk band - I guess for years. Perhaps it's because of his real loving of electronic sound sources. Two trumpet phrases on ACIDOPHILIA CD's title piece were transferred through digital circuits and must not be taken into account. They use MIDI playback and tapes as but it's an act of live music when they play or press keys or simply turn knobs.

I'd describe the well things they do as party music for those with high IQ. You'd surely dance to a floorshaking dub of Crazy Guys, jumped as that guys to Outlyin' and relax in motion to Murtasia - pieces from their latest non-release IMAGE NATION. I'd like to rechristen this record as "Imaginary Nation" due to LC' hometown's distance from "continental" Russia. Kaliningrad is different in its culture, in its look and even in that unbelievably correct Russian we all speak. And LOS CHIKATILOS present a kind of folk songs of a region never had any. Synths are balalaikas here. And the evil looking name is purely virtual, like of Wolf in a fairy tale. No one has to be frightened or shocked, all the terror (thanx God) has been left between the speakers.

Andrei Kolomyicev a.k.a. StirliTZ