First Chechen independent rap artist. A native of Grozny and survivor of both wars, Anzor is passing this bitter experience through his poetry and music.

There is nothing to do with religion or politics. Anzor just wants to stop the aggression and war on his land to live in peace and that's why he criticize everyone who's holding a gun.

He has never been involved into any military activities during the war but still was shot accidentally ones to his leg. Anzor is the one who understands how to live without any supply surrounded by dead bodies.



Born in 1981 Anzor always wanted to be an architect. However the war that started when he was 14 years old has changed all his life. Just like for many other civilians in Chechnya the war was something thatís difficult to understand and accept.

He started to write his first lyrics few months later. But with music everything was much harder - itís difficult to create a hip-hop without computer and even electricity. Having hardly recorded few tracks with his mates they were shown on Russian national TV performing the track on the street of Grozny without any music playing. It was more than enough for music industry people to understand how successful it all can be. In a month Anzor had a production deal, went to Moscow and recoded his first album. In August 2005 he signed a record deal with Zona Music Group.


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