Zu is an instrumental trio from Rome, Italy, formed by drums & bass & alto/baritone saxophone. Since 1997 Zu has recorded 5 CDs and played hundreds of shows all over Europe and USA.

The new CD Igneo is recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Chicago and features Ken Vandermark on tenor sax, Jeb Bishop on trombone and Fred Lomberg-Holm on cello, simply some of the best musicians of the new Chicago scene. Igneo will be released in Europe in March 2002.

After the 1997 CD Bromio Zu also recorded 2 albums with the avant-guitar-icon Dr Eugene Chadbourne - The Zu Side Of The Chadbourne and Motorhellington (covers of Black Sabbath, Jobim, Kraftwerk, Mingus...), both had enthusiastical reviews worldwide and even got in the top 5 of USA jazz radios published by the American magazine JazzIz. Collaboration with Seattle multi-instrumentalist Amy Denio has to be released yet, as a 7" split with The Ruins from Japan.

Zu played many tours with other great bands and musicians as The Ex, NoMeansNo, The Vandermark 5, DKV Trio, The Ruins, Fantomas, Otomo Yoshihide, Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Han Bennink & others.

Zu will be playing in Baltic States & Russia in May of 2002. All the dates and venues will be anounced.


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