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Dzūkija 1996

Italy 1996

Nida 1997

China 2002


June (the stage pseudonym) was born at the end of the 20th century, at midnight, in the western part of Lithuania – Dzukija region. She started singing and performing in her childhood, took part in the state junior performers events. June has got a professional music education. The stylistic variety of singer’s songs is caused by the broad band of her favorite music she was listening to. From her early years she was listening Toto Cutugno and Sade, Scorpions and Tina Turner, Al Jarreau and Emmylou Harris songs. The genre variety also reflects in her first CD “Minds in the Sand”, the recording was made with the help of the best Lithuanian jazz, country and rock musicians. The biggest part of the songs in this album are composed by composer Algirdas Klova, which alongside with June is also interested in the variety of genres and styles. This influenced the overall result of the album. “This album was waiting to be born for three years. During this period of time I have met a lot of interesting people, seen many interesting countries, heard dozens of interesting music. This all influenced me and my music. The album “Minds in the Sand” – it is feast and routine, love and longing, fear and strength – it is the woman in me” – says June about this work.

June’s interest in country music came into existence considerably not so song ago (ten years). She sang in country music groups – “Grass & Ever”, “Bluegrass Friends” (with Jeff Weaver from USA), rounded up her own ensemble „Wild West”. Lately she is actively performing with A. Klova’s “Fiddling Project”.

With above mentioned groups and performers June has sung in various folklore, country, folk-jazz events in Latvia, Belgium, the Faroe islands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, China, Denmark, many towns in Lithuania. Soon she is going to participate in Country Bauska (Latvia), Luunja Suvekantri (Estonia) festivals and „Country Europa“ Mrągowo (Poland) competition.

Critics and musicians constantly emphasize June’s voice and its original timbre, individual stylistic approach towards the music performed. The singer says – everything must be beautiful and interesting in the art. These things are inseparable. Along with singing, June works as the event organizer. Her organizational touch could be felt during a dozen of LCMA congresses, various music festivals, competitions, conferences, Vilnius Teachers’ House events.


 Album "Mintys smėlyje"
Song sample (mp3, 128 kbps)

 Tu kiškeli, lelimoji  3:05  [2,83 MB]
with Algirdas Klova Quintet)

 Poor Wayfaring Stranger  3:30  [3,20 MB]

 Vasara  2:44  [2,51 MB]

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"Mėnuo saulužę vedė"


Bluegrass Friends
with Jeffu Weaveriu

with Pierre Koyatta

Jūnė 2002