While the most of this page is still under construction, we'd like to recommend you to browse some other sites. Probably the most comprehensive list of Lithuanian music on the Web is at the Lithuania-On-Line site's music page. Some of them are really cool and in one or another way connected with us.
The first interesting and nicely designed site of the LT rock/experimental music scene was 'classical' nowadays kreiva muzika. Baltic metal label Dangus Productions provides an exellent site with a lot of information, another metal newcomers are Ferrum, while Goths had finally made their own Gothic. Vilnius and LT hardcore/punk life is documented on the web mostly by the guys from ska-punk-funk band Dr.Green on their huge Vilnius Hardcore site. Two other nice young rock websites are Alternative and Rock Music.
The most comprehensive LT dance website is Ore, while acid jazz fans are having fun with Acid Jazz. Domestic hip-hop community gathers around mighty G&G Sindicate and LT part of the international network of Hip-Hop websites.
The best web resource for LT classical music is Music Information Centre, for jazz - competent Vilnius Jazz festival website.

For more LT & foreign music-related links, please return to Zona homepage & choose [web gate] at the top of it.

Our LT music  mail order is not working in full, but you can try Bomba (through Omnitel's Mugė if you're in LT) or almost homonymous to us Muzikos Zona (free shipping & delivery confirmation in the US).