r i d e r / r e q u i r e m e n t s

good p.a.
mixingdesk with minimum 8 inlets
3 microphones & stands
6 di-outlets
2 on-stage-amps or 2 monitors
8 on-stage outlets for electricity 10 A/220 V (if possible make available plug-addapters/transformers for your country)
1 table to sit at (for rm74)
1 tabel to stand at (for dj tochnit aleph empire)
1 chair
1 screen/backdrop for projections (this can be a plain white bedsheet)
2 cd-players with lcd-display, remaining-time-function
2 recordplayers technics 1210 mk2, or of similar capability, (pitch-control would be good but is not essential)
1 dj-mixer with 4 stereo-channels that can play simultaneously, crossfader, eq-function per channel
1 video-player & -projector/VHS
1 strobe-light
vegan/vegetarian food for 6 people (please enquire if there are any questions!!)
accomodation for 6 people (we bring along some sleeping-bags)

if you haven't done so already, please send a map of your city to the address of dave phillips (address on next page). this can also be an excerpt of a map, of the location of the venue where we will be plaiyng, or where we will meet, if possible indicate the best route to get there, and also try to include detailed written descriptions of the best way to enter your town and find the place. please also forward telephone-numbers of people involved with the concert, so that they can be contacted in case of "emergencies".

this tour will be supported by the swiss culture-foundations "pro helvetia" and "migros kulturprozent", so it is essential that their respective logos appear on all advertising for our concerts. these logo's can be received by email or snail-mail, please ask. for the pro-helvetia-logo please go to www.pro-helvetia.ch/logo. for the mirgos-kulturprozent-logo please gop to http://www.kulturprozent.ch/NR/exeres/19B34D4C-8C92-4B55-9AC4-995F0A18560D.htm (the top one, in german). the logos can be received by email.

should you have any questions about or difficulties with these requirements please do not hesitate to contact dave phillips davephillips@freesurf.ch