Dave Phillips - voice, electronics
Tom Smith - voice, electronics
Daniel Löwenbrück - voice, electronics
Reto Mäder - mixing-desk, electronics

in OHNE, the human voice is the central source of sound, the locus through which all is explored. stage performers Phillips, Smith, and Loewenbrueck are met by Maeder‘s treatment of the soundboard. interwoven with various recordings and through use of electronic devices, the voices rise to explore the physical and acoustic possibilities of the non-self in both agitated and "natural" states.

in a live-set lasting 40 to 60 minutes, the sound will be performed in an actionistic arrangement, allowing improvisational space.

with OHNE the participants dedicate themselves to expression as such without implying the
rational consequences, and initialize a platform for communication that is simple, direct and


rm 74

Reto Maeder - laptop

rm74 examines microscopic electroacoustics. he dissects minute sonic particles into nanoscopic
components, which are then blown up, treated digitally, and formed into intricate fractal patterns and pulsating subfrequencies. on stage he presents real-time treatment and re-arrangement of sound, augmented with liquid crystal projections. rm74 has released a handful of CDs; the most recent being "Mikrosport" for the Zurich-based Domizil label. he also manages the Hinterzimmer label; releases include recordings by rm74, Strotter Inst., and Hund.


Tochnit Aleph Empire

Daniel Loewenbrueck - playback devices

representing the skills, meanings, and leanings of orhaned east Berlin imprint Tochnit Aleph, and
restoring danger to music with sets designed to remind audiences of the still-untapped potential of
puberty (for more info on Loewenbrueck, see above).