MIMETIC FIELD "OVERRATED"  - Reviews extracts

"A courageous, intelligent and deeply fascinating work." Zillo mag (Germany)

"A wonderful creative deep CD." Araceli on BBC World Web (UK)

"Varied, absorbing, original : simply an excellent album!" Rage mag (France)

"MIMETIC FIELD is obviously and as simple as the best band in the Rhythmic Electro Indus sphere!". Der Hofkurier (Germany)

"A very absorbing and fascinating and fascinating album. (.) Excellent and eerie." Fringecore (Belgium)

"You need to have a special feeling to listen to this transcendental hour of music." Kogaionon (Romania)

"Majestic electronics, (.) an exciting listening experience, perfectly composed." Lockjaw (UK)

"Certainly out of schemes, this work is outstanding in its creative conception and interpretation." Darklife (Switzerland)

"Cult!!!" Aus Entry (Germany)

"The CD is fucking Brilliant" Mike Honeycutt on Mystery Hearsay International (USA)

"The Prodigy are a pop group! .one of the best and most original "dance" albums I've heard in eons." Music & Elsewhere (UK)

"A new atmosphere" Mofo (Belgium)

"Really powerfull, in another dimension.A courageous experimentation in a mixture of different styles. this kind of work that the musical mentality shows is a direct way to Art." My3blka bhaR (Minsk, BELARUS)

"Impressing" Frontzine (Brazil)

"An extremely deserving and really well done work!" DLK (Italy)

"Overrated" destroys every whole musical borders." Prémonition (France)

"It's more than drug." Stigma (Slowaky)

".really impressive first CD "Overrated" is in an Electro-apocalyptic atmosphere. 10 splendid tracks!" Neo Gothic (Italy)

"CD of the year." Orkus (Germany)