Review at issue N 16 [March - May 1999]
Mimetic Kino + Delphium "Lucius" [ Split CD - Soundscape & Dub Industrial ] 

Very slow soundscape sounds are the base of this CD. From Delphium 4 pieces of music are available, from Mimetic Delphium there is only one and Mimetic Kino contributes with 4 numbers. Delphium works with atmospheres, the music does not contain rhythms and beats, but ambient sounds changed into industrial tunes brings a strange sound. Mimetic Delphium must be a collaboration between the two bands on this split-CD. 
In the beginning of this piece of music the soundscaping of Delphium leads, at the end Mimetic adds their view upon dance-music. It is a briljant example of bands with different sounds of music that collaborates. The pieces of music from Mimetic Kino are called 'East (lutho)', 'South (koda)', 'west (komi)' and 'north (linka)', the music brings you more then the soundscapes of Delphium. Dance-rhythms and drum & base adds flavour to the storys about the four parts of the world told 
with typical pieces of music and samples of a Japanese movie, georgian music, languages, etc ....
This CD is briljant, we might say this as others who will listen to it might say the same.