Justin Sullivan & Friends

The Justin Sullivan & Friends show is simply best described as a stripped down version of rock band NEW MODEL ARMY. The line up consists of frontman JUSTIN SULLIVAN on vocal and acoustic guitar, NMA keyboard player DEAN WHITE on keyboards, backing vocal and electric guitar and NMA drummer MICHAEL DEAN on percussion.

They play material from New Model Army’s extensive catalogue – stripped down and acoustic in style but retaining all the power– and are currently featuring material from Justin Sullivan’s recently released new solo album NAVIGATING BY THE STARS.

The shows are warm, intimate, passionate and intoxicating. Having played to packed houses across Europe in Spring 2002, the show has headlined the second stage at Zillo and Highfield festivals in Germany and has opened for the legendary Van Morrison. They then followed that with a second sold out European tour in the autumn.

It is a show that fits with a wide and varied cross section of audience and while pleasing traditional New Model Army fans, the nature and the quality of the show also appeals to a more mature audience who would not normally consider a full NMA performance.

Always engaging with his performance and communication with the audience, Justin Sullivan has found a way to bring the power and passion of NMA into a smaller and more intimate environment, bringing him closer than ever to his audience which is something everybody loves.

A smaller touring party also enables Justin to reach out to areas of New Model Army’s extensive international fan-base where it is impossible to bring the huge machine that is a fully functioning touring rock band. This provides the audience with the contact they crave and the organisers a package that represents exceptional value for money for every one.